Enfield & CM Futsal Club

Founded 2007 merged with CM Futsal & Football 2016

Community Partners

Since 2007 the club has made valuable connection with the community something that we value, We would like to thank those who we work with to make our community better
Ponders End Community Development Trust
Lea Vally Authority
Enfield Council
Oasis Hadley
Heron Hall
Zebra Childrens Club
Origin Housing
Connect After School Club
Community First
Fair Share Trust
Enfield Council Sports Development Team
Ponders End Basketball



Building On Overlooked Sporting Talent are supporting the futsal clubs joint venture with Tottenham Hotspurs to create and coach a deaf futsal team. The team who have already been coached by Tottenham for a little while now will slowly be integrated into the Enfield Futsal League played at Leyton ready for the new season. The team will then hopefully develop well enough to create players that are able to represent the England deaf team in the future.

Futsal Club Enfield is proud to be supported in the community by the Ponders End Community Development Trust and Community Development Foundation. Over the past 3 years their sponsorship has helped the club continue to offer futsal opportunities to members of the community.

With this funding the club has been able to purchase both home and away kits for teams at U10, U12, U14 and U16 age groups. The funding has also enabled the club to buy portable igoals for use on saturday morning youth training in Ponders End Park as well as balls, water bottles and first aid kits for every team.

Enfield have also used the funding to pay for coaching opportunities to improve the provision of youth coaching as well as fund the higher level coaching for the mens first team. The support of the Trust and Foundation has helped Enfield cover the cost of hall hire for youth and first team competitive games.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank both Ponders End Community Development Trust and the Community Development Foundation for their fantastic support. With the aid of the funding Futsal Club Enfield have been able to facilitate futsal opportunities for over 2000+ people in the community.

Fair Share Turst

The Fair Share Trust Funding has helped the club to provide some basic things we need.
These are used throughout the club and are part of the clubs Dissolution Clause where we cannot sell them but have to give them to a similar project should the club fold.

Community Futsal in the Park

Ponders End Park is the hub for projects we do in the community. We run our annual Community Games in the park, We run our Saturday morning session in the Park and we are now looking to do more.

We want to get our Walking Football sessions going once again on Fridays, we are looking at running some under 5s toddlers sessions in the morning between 10 and 12 between 2  and 3 days a week

If you are interested in getting involved with this let us know 

Harringey 6th Form and Enfield under 18s come together to enter the FA Under 18s National Cup

Community Youth Teams in competition at Brunel University and Leyton Score Centre in the National Youth Cup.



Club secretary Robert Brassett completed his level 3 Paediatric First Aid course this week 26/2/18 adding another string to his bow in order to ensure Futsal Club Enfield can always offer children a safe and fun environment to learn in. The all day course not only helped he club secretary brush up on old knowledge but also learn a few other useful skills  which will help keep our young players safe especially in the community projects which run outside sometimes. The club wish to thank him for all his efforts and continued passion for driving the youth section forward.

Enfield Community Games 3
We held our 3rd Community Games on Saturday 20th August in Ponders End Park.

The Day started with a downpoor of rain and ended with 40 mile an hour winds

But in between we had some great fun with both Adults and children taking part

The Futsal and basketball at either end of the day were cancelled but those attending took part on Athletics, Obstacle Course, Futnet, Football, Zumba, Jenga and Making Craft things

We estimate around 50 children took part in the events over the day, this is down of last year but we believe the weather played a big part in this.

The Club would like to thank the follow  for their assistance
Maria Aciyan, Chris Brassett
Martin James Convery...
Bella Lowen, Kelly Elizabeth Harper
Jodie Michelle Law - Fancy Fitness
Luke Suthard - England Futnet
Zebras Childrens Club
Miss Crafty Pall's, Derrick at Destined 4 Glory, Sickle Prayer Group, C42, Nick at Farmfoods

Thinks that's everyone oops forgot the Ice Cream Man

Community First.

Community First funding has helped the club to get
kit for the community teams
Samba Goals
Community Game Equipment
These are used throughout the club and are part of the clubs Dissolution Clause where we cannot sell them but have to give them to a similar project should the club fold.

Archive - 2005 to Beyond section under construction


Enfield Futsal League
Middelsex FA Affiliated
Aspire Centre, Edmonton County Lower Schoo
under 8s League
under 10s League
adults League


Martin May & Rob Brassett along with players from W E Boiz, and the Southbury 7s League form the team F.S. Northaw
They become a Founder Member of the FA National Futsal League



22018 Futsal Club Enfield Donated a Football Kit to St Pauls Junior School, Spalding

2016 Toki our Republic of China (Taiwain) International. joined the club while working here in England.

Toki scored 3 goals in 7 gaes for us in the 14/15 season.

When he returned to Japan he arranged a sponsorship deal with Machida Zelvia and we still have their name on our White kit that has be used by the mens, ladies and youth section


2009 The Formation on the Ladies team.

Rob Brassett spoke to his workmate Claire Wilicombe who played Ladies Football if she could find some players to form a ladies futsal Team.

Enfield College was booked for some trials to take place, to the surprise of Rob and Claire 40 players turned up and they not only started a team but formed a league of 4 teams 
Enfield Reds
Enfield White
Enfield Blue
Camden Ladies joined the league, and futsal started on a wednesday night at the college

Enfield v England Partally Sighted
Copper Box
Olympic Park

Season 1 

fa National Futsal League South League 2008
 White Bear
 FCF Corinthians
 FS Northaw

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Sunday 2nd March 2008
Baltic United v FS Northaw
at The Uni of Hertfordshire Sports Village
kick off 10.00

Sunday saw the very first ever start of a National Futsal League in England and Fs Northaw the Futsal wing of Northaw Football Club were is there creating History along with Baltic United the 2005 National Cup finalists.

The 10 am kick off meant an early start but the players were up for it and the excitement ran through the came as its not a normal run of the mill thing creating history.

the Northaw side had Tony Edwards in goal, Sam Judge in defence, Jamie Dozens and Aaron Cato in midfield with Grant Osborn up front.

The bench contained Hatim Morsey, Kirt Osborn, Brett O'Connor, Andi Hoxha, Justin Dickinson and Corey Cato

Missing was former Leeds United and England Youth international Stuart Gore who had picked up an injury playing for Dunstable on the Saturday.

The game was kicked off by Baltic United and things started at a nice passé with both sides getting possession butyl neither finding the breakthrough. On 3 minutes Baltic United found the net to put them in 1-0 up. and so the game was on, some good play by Sam Judge at the back was seeing the ball passed around well with Jamie Dezenzo and Aaron Cato doing some good work out wide.

Futsal being a roll on roll off subs game, the players were now interchanging on a regular basis and the introduction of Brett O'Connor and Kirt Osborn kept the tempo high.

Baltic have seen this all before and were not fazed by the pace and some slick passing saw them go into a 2-0 lead after 9 minutes, In futsal thats not a big lead and things can change around in seconds so the team were no worried about things at all.

James Dezenzo showed what FS Northaw have on offer and within a minute he blasted the ball into the net and it was back to 2-1. Jamie has been banging in goals for fun locally in the Chechunt League and proved he can step up to national level and do the business..

Baltic seemed to be surprised by the goals and there good play turned into some poor passing with long balls going astray and they started to argue with each other, this gave FS Northaw the upper hand and they maintained they regular subs routine so keeping fresh legs on the pitch at all times.

The foul count had been rising through the match and after 15 minutes FS Northaw gained a 6th with meant Baltic received a long penalty from teh 10 yard spot, this struck Tony Edwards left hand post and Northaw were let off the hook.

With minutes to go in the half Northaw struck once again, Manager Aaron Cato finding the net to make it 2-2 and a dream start for the North London and Hertfordshire side. They then ran out the clock and took a well deserved break.

he second half started at a frantic pace with Baltic pilling on the pressure and using all there experience, this proved valuable as on 4 minutes of the half they went into a 3-2 lead and increased this to 4-2 within a minute to once again leave the Northaw boiz some work to do. This was made even harder when on 9 minutes the score was 5-2 and looking like it could run away if the box did not put the breaks on right away.

With the management team taking the lead Grant Osborn, Aaron Cato and Sam Judge took a larger roll staying on the pitch more and leading the change.

Baltic had themselves in the second half racked up 5 fouls so the boiz had a good opening to get some goals if the fouls continued to come and getting some goals from normal play would give them a good base to work from.

Coach Sam Judge blasted in a long range effort with 3 minutes to go and the game saw on at 5-3, Manager Grant Osborn then beat his man in the middle and blasted in the 4th to make it 5-4 with only a minute to go.

Was a victory on teh cards for the newly formed side, if they could draw a fouled or find the net again things could change seconds and they could snatch the victory.

But pushing forward they left themselves open at the back and 2 goals in the space of a minute shattered the dream of a victory or even a point. Baltic used all the experience they had and opened up the defence with 2 great runs that made the final score 7-4.

it was a great start to the season and praze for there performance came from there Opponents and from Dermott Collins the Small Sided Football man from The Football Association.