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Founded 2007 merged with CM Futsal & Football 2016

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Monday 11th May 2020
The web site has been updated, we will be adding some video over the next few days

Tuesday 12th May
Video links added
archive section started

links to our other youtube pages are below

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Futsal Club Enfield
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Futsal Club Enfield

Contact Us
Rob Brassett
[email protected]

We regret that at present we have suspended all our activities as a club.
We will be looking at the advice given by the Goverment and the Football Association as to when things can restart

If you would like to be informed when have any news please email Club Secretary Rob Brassett 
[email protected] and we will add you to our mailing list

National Futsal League Season Resolved on Points Per Game

Enfield & CM finish in 3rd Place

Futty Kids is a new project that in being run by our Futsal Club Enfield section in conjunction with Ponders End Community Devepolment Trust.

We are at present unsure when we will be able yo get things running once again but our sessions will be back as soon as possable.

We are proud to say that our young Futsal Mens Team finished 3rd in the 

National Futsal League Premiership South for season 2019/20 having 9 players 

with the age of 16/17 playing.

We would like to thank our sponsors, fans and volunteers for all their 

support throughout the season especally 
Susana Santos, Luisa Santos, Martin Convery.

This was a tough but enjoyable season as we had the youngest Squad in the 

National Futsal League...

We also had 3 players in the top 10 goalscorers list having 

Tiago Santos 17 years old finishing 2nd scoring 33 goals

We are very proud of every single player in the squad.

Aral, Aren, Bobby, Deiman, Evander, Ivan, Jasneil, Jayden, Jonathan, Jose, Leandro, 

Maxwell, Pedro, Ronaldo, Tiago, Younus, Zee.

Work Rate - Discipline - Respect - Commitment